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Members can either accept an offer or they can name their price for the first date. The people who run this webpage have committed multiple crimes already and the police don't do anything. You can wink or scheme someone an offer.

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Unfortunately, there are no experience reports about Whats Your Price. Whats Your Price assures members of dating the partner of your dreams, so long as they are willing to pay for it. According to the WhatsYourPrice website, members can have their backgrounds verified, though this is not mandatory, and costs additional money see next section. Enter your email below to get started!

Some have complained because there are women who flake right after the first date. Love this site jet some are looking for something for nothing, not all. Later after the food arrived and she had had a drink or two, she finally started to stop talking about herself so much and started to listen. It is definitely a thing where how you approach these sites makes all the difference. Be prepared to lose your money and your dignity.

Hi Leonard, Yes, in order to send messages to other users, you first need an accepted offer with that user. Such sites are a meeting ground for sugar daddies and sugar babies. Later I read an article about a man that got robbed her name was in that article. Girls want to enjoy life too!

You are basically handing your money to a bunch of perverts in Hong Kong. She sounds like nothing more than a cold hearted gold digger. Get our free how-to guides and tips that will help you become an informed consumer, save money, and shop smarter.

Kinda the reason I feel bad using this site. How do you guys filter out profile names? Where can I get free credits?

The Difference Between a 50 & Date

The site offers you a shortcut for getting dates with beautiful people and finding singles in your location. Also what about a reputation grade, where the person grades you on your honestly, personality, and accurate pictures? After a bidding price is accepted, members can set up the time for a meeting or a date.

Whats Your Price

  1. Sum of the sites out there are totes scammy but this one is ok.
  2. Is What's Your Price free?
  3. Three were impossible to reach or arrange a date with.
  4. To open the door to romance.

There seems to be a lot of complaining about money for dates etc because of this post which I find amusing. Id say it's not got as many as hookuphangout. Please do not take this remark personally. You may bump into a few drug addicts and con artists too. They reason I got away they tried to open my car door and I drove off.


You can get a diverse platform for meeting all types of people. Join if you want to get scammed by the website with fake profiles, spammers or trolls. At least here, every man is on an equal playing field. So that pretty much tells you what this website is all about. You simply fill in the details in a profile and then start meeting singles that are looking out for a date in the area.

That could be done quite simply with a poll. You then text on their message system. Let's not forget the prostitutes who may have been strippers too. Linda, That is why I think some analysis on the part of the folks that run wyp would do wonders. Within minutes of accepting the offer she was messaging me to meet up immediately.

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What s Your Price Review July 2019

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My experience on this site is that I learned how crazy and entitled women are from this site. No matter your gender, race, body type, facial features, height or sexual needs. And remember your credits get wasted so you buy more.

The only functions you can use are bidding on dates and chatting with users. She had really studied what to do. Women get full access to the features and dominate the getting-paid-for-dates group. If any guy wants a wife or girlfriend, he should go on a site that will only show women in his age range. We already made plans for dinner this weekend.

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  • Yes, lots of girls are will to play for pay.
  • Sites like this are a waste of time.
  • It takes me about messages back and forth to determine if I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on yet another first-date scam.

Upon Meeting him, he was considerably heavier than his photo, very lethargic, and spoke of things one should not speak of on a date. Half way through I realized he was one of those that just wanted someone to talk too about stuff not even relevant to the moment. From there we will be able to better assist you! The bidding member is expected to pay the agreed-upon amount during the date, including all date expenses. If they dont then something is up and I back off.

This site seems to be turning into a sugar daddy site. Like regular dates, there are good ones and there are bad ones. They will steal your money, stalk you, threaten you, send you spam and most importantly you will not the find woman you were looking for. To pick and chose and purchase time even for the attractive men gives them a sence of power and back-up when all else fails.

Just be clear and up front, both in your profile and in your messages, about what you want. Which is great for those who are looking for those relationships! Then I took a long break and returned this year to find that it was taken over by scammers, thieves, and fakes. It could give women an idea ahead of time who might actually call back after a first date. Let me give you a couple of tips if feel the urge to join.

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What sites are similar to What's Your Price? Josh, with some dates, I would not have minded going out again, but clearly the male was not interested in dating the same girl, so it could be a candy store for the men here as well. Looking for a Millionaire Dating Site? If they are sugar babies, by signing and dating I doubt they can afford it!

The guy down below is correct. Also, law against lets look at long term results. That's all the steps needed to start a membership with us. What is a sugar daddy site? The majority had a connection on multiple positive levels.

The men have to purchase credits in order to reply to your wink or offer. Still I am confused by many of the women because I am not really sure what they are really after. One I even paid for no date! Most of the features are accessible for women while men have to pay additional fees. Any subsequent dates that happen afterward are up for you and the other user to discuss.

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