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  1. If your girlfriend is the victim in every single story she tells or in every argument you have, something is definitely amiss.
  2. Dinner time rolls around and he tells me he needs to go downstairs to begin prep.
  3. Her friends tell her there is something wrong with him, but she ignores their warnings.
  4. She insisted, so I told her if she needed me to come back, just call me and I would.
  5. He made me feel bad about things he made up to make me feel crazy.

This reminds me of Bates Motel. They ended up taking him to a psychiatric hospital that night and he stayed for a few weeks. He then asked me a few more innocent question before switching the topic back, how to have asking if I liked oral sex and other oddly worded questions that I can't remember. Then I get a snap from her after a few hours when we made it back to my university.

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We met and had a great first date. Luckily I was literally leaving the continent the next day for a few weeks. We try again the next day. One was super cute and timid, and I liked her a lot. He searched for me, called my whole family, and was about to alert the police.

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The Psycho is a scary story about a girl who starts dating a new guy. Epic Online dating psycho self. Had been dating this guy for a while, and I thought things were going really well. His mother was dating a man and she brought him home with her one night. When I started dating a coworker towards the end of the summer she threatened her too.

We broke up and she went back to her junky ex-bf. He left me voicemails threatening my life. Codependency is a crazy thing. Even worse, it felt like sand had been poured in both of them.

We blocked him on all social media and a week later get a call from from old friend. Turns out she pulled all of this on her next boyfriend when he tried to break up with her. Sometimes, he would get a far away look in his eyes and go silent for a few minutes.

Went on a date with a girl who had already told her whole family about me, before we even met. The whole thing left me confused as all get out and that date wound up being the last time I saw her. The story must be your own personal encounter.

44. The Casual Mention

30 Guys And Girls Tell Their Supremely Awful Tinder Horror Stories

Life After Dating A Psycho
Psycho dating stories

They got there in time and arrested her. More or less the vibe was that he was going to be my boyfriend when he got back. She completely undresses, gets in the clothes, asks me what I think, undresses, gets in more clothes, etc. Slowly, I have been able to tell my story. She told me that she wanted me to leave her there, istanbul dating app and she would arrange for someone to come pick her up.

She kept calling during dates with other guys and asking them to tell me I was an idiot to pass her up. When Norman caught them together, he flew into a violent rage. My parents and my friends were probably worried sick. The Cat Lady This is the story of my second day using tinder and my very first Tinder date.

30 Guys And Girls Tell Their Supremely Awful Tinder Horror Stories

My son brought it up in front of his Dad because he gets stuck on subjects and repeats things over and over. He said if I wanted to stay with him I would just have to accept him and all his foibles and realize that every so often he would lose his temper. She also buys a new pair of pants.

We go to my house and she instantly passes out. After that, a few weeks later, I stopped seeing her. Like, his attitude was always flip flopping. What I meant was that, his mood would change frequently.

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Want to read something more cheerful? Your email address will not be published. So I was sticking it in his ass, and he kept telling me deeper, and soon the whole thing, dating free it just kinda got sucked up in!

Greg returns to the kitchen to retrieve the plates, he walks in and carries a turkey platter to the table. Other times, she would have panic attacks, have her friends call and scream at me, or call my work repeatedly telling me that her car was broken down on the side of the road. As I didn't drive, he suggested that he'd pick me up, which I didn't really think was a good idea, but agreed in the end. Then he started giggling like an idiot for no reason.

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45. Dark Dreams

Scary Website

We accidentally bumped into each other in the hallway. This is interrupted by her ripping the hugest fart. That was already pretty bad. We go into her apartment which is also completely beautiful and belongs only to her. He never once complimented me in a way that was actually a compliment.

This is a story-based subreddit, and we enjoy reading long stories. The following stories may serve as wakeup calls and help you spot red flags in a relationship. We collected the top stories from our first four years into an eBook!


  • Second date was even better.
  • She came back an hour later with two guys and got intimate with both of them in front of me several times.
  • She used to like to role play and all that.

She drinks an entire bottle of champagne by herself. So I take one for the team and go back to her place. We make small talk, I have a beer. Went out once after being matched online. Being a mix of lonely and bored, I said what the hell, speed dating in closed my self-sympathy pizza box and hopped in my car.

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