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Last week, we went to a screening of the much-anticipated sequel to Sin City. Some critics were saying how bored they were though, which I disagree with. Instead just read issues of Magnus the Robot Fighter to get the Spider Alien story and then skip ahead to issues of Rai to see how the character ends up. At certain points, they seemed like they ran out of steam. In the end, Ava once again tries to manipulate Dwight by shooting Manute and declaring her love for him.

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  • So right from the start you get the feeling that Rai is somewhat of a wishy washy douche who does really stand for much in life and just sort of reacts to whatever others throw at him.
  • Pretty straight-forward noir plot where the damsel-in-distress turns out to be behind it all.
  • The music industry is certainly well chuffed about it.
  • But more importantly, it includes all of the wonderful variant covers done by some of the best female artists in comics, like Nicola Scott and Amanda Conner just to name a few.
  • And in Stockholm, hundreds of peg-legged, parrot-shouldered supporters took to the streets in protest.

The trade also has the script of the first issue which was fun to read. Check out the Promo for our Next Podcast! Plus did I mention how great the art is? But the visuals were once again gorgeous. And I think it's fair, are there any you should pay your ticket.

Their relationship really made this story. The result was an extremely tight continuity heavy universe of characters that seemed to poised to take their place among stars. Pacing and editing were great.

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So then, Rai has to make some really tough choices mostly due to his failure to assert himself earlier in the tale and by the end, the entire country hates his guts. In true Simone fashion, the heart of the story revolves around sisterhood and the relationships between the female characters. Let's hope it gets a nice extended run.

But what I will say is I am going to take it easy in terms of the blog topics. Well, I chose the right starting point. Could they all be targeted and taken down? Which makes you want to wonder why we should even root for this guy? Enter your email address to to become a member of Ghostie Nation and get regular updates via email.

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Add in the legend that is Paul Dini and this was essentially a dream come true. Nothing fancy, nicolas steno relative nothing special. It took me longer to read because I was just taking every panel in.

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He wins again and taunts his father about the fact that the story of him being beaten twice will follow him for the rest of his life. Having said all that, I had no idea what the story was about. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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Needless to say, it all ends very badly for him. All I knew about the series was that it was sword and sorcery, which was always a genre I was interested in but never knew where to start. Like Power Girl, one she wears what she wants to and looks amazing in that chain-mail bikini. Anybody out there want to hazard a guess as to the last time the Fab One bought a bus ticket?

Pirate Bay crew gets the hook

  1. Walter Geovani does a stellar job depicting the action scenes and especially the gorgeous women.
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  3. An avid fan of things from the past, you can often find him, beer in hand, wading through Silver, Bronze, and even Golden age titles looking for that one undiscovered gem to share with the team.
  4. No matter how you feel about Bit Torrent, file sharing, or copyright violators, you have to admire their chutzpah.
  5. They both do what they do best, Dinah uses her Canary Cry but mostly her fists and Zatanna summons her dad for advice and then kicks supernatural butt.
  6. Easily one of my favorite Sin City graphic novels, it was a thrill seeing it played out on the big screen.

Black Canary was the first superhero I ever read and not long after, I became a huge fan of fellow fishnet-wearing Zatanna after I read her series. He impresses the room not only by his card-dealing skills but also by cleaning the senator out. That was the power Valiant wielded.

The writing is classic Dini. You should go see this movie just for her. Yeah, hook up in I did not like this story as much as it pains me to say because I got really excited when I saw Jessica Alba might be kicking ass in the trailer.

It used to be only movies, now even verdicts are out before the official release. Sonja is hilariously unapologetic about who she is, what she stands for and her love of drink, which I absolutely enjoyed. She barely had any lines and her purpose to serve as a distraction to the Senator was a weak excuse to include her.

Obviously, the court decided on the former. He gives his normal life to assume the responsibility that has been passed down from father to son for centuries and becomes this bad ass samurai warrior you can form weapons out of pure energy. For those of us that read ahead to the Unity crossover saga, we do know the ultimate fate of this Rai at least and so you can find solice in that. And what fine theater it is, too.

After visiting an unlicensed, druggie doctor, played hilariously by Christopher Lloyd, he realizes he forgot about Marcie. In either case, the decision does nothing to stop The Pirate Bay itself, now located outside Swedish jurisdiction and still happily chugging away, as are dozens of other Torrent trackers. This is just a theater for the media.

Before she can kill him however he escapes. Basically he retraces his steps and discovers how he ended up on the highway, surrounded by several dead guys. However, the main focus of this volume is the connection between Red Sonja and Dark Annisia. View all posts by GhostAndy. Finally after countless scenes of dancing, drinking and ghost Bruce Willis, Nancy cuts her face to recruit Marv.

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Plus the fact that she had to self-harm to get help from Marv? It matches the pace of the story in its animation and it definitely conveys every expression made by the two leading ladies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Of course, Roarke got to her first.

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