Dating phillips milk of magnesia bottle, milk of magnesia bottle

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Your estimate for the date sounds pretty good. Probably the most affordable piece of Boer War memorabilia available. The medicinal value of Snuff was well understood by our forefathers. Milk of magnesia bottles how to date them?

The small one has been cleaned and is deep colbolt, The bigger one is as found in a barn, chatting and dating Note the original cork still on it. Highly collectable and very scarce. Sullivan's Fruit Juices Kimberley.

Scarcer and earlier aqua glass with Lysol embossed on front and Makers Name and Trademark underneath. This bottle must be a good few years older than the A Eno's but note the similiar shape. In an effort to address this problem in the fairest possible manner we introduce the Rarity section. An early South African pickles manufacturer. Although a later machine made bottle, the only recorded example of a locally dug cottage ink.

  • Even the ubiqitous dwarf ink has scarcer cousins, some of which are one-of-a-kind.
  • Do you know what the peened out embossing on the one I posted originally read?
  • Later on, these bottles had screw caps, but still a lot of writing on the front.

Milk of Magnesia bottle

Bonnet dolls are seldom found. The one I have pictured here seems to be the earliest one I have. Ergebnisse und sechs standorten in the problem speaking skills. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

All the Phillips Milk of Magnesia bottles I have seen were cobalt blue. Phillips milk of magnesia was apparently made over quite a long period. Hi Matt, Here's the earliest Phillips I have dug.

Milk of magnesia bottles how to date them

Antique Bottles - Rarity Guide

You might check at your local library and see if they have any books on old bottles which might help you date it. Rather scarce and very attractive. Kundali - women by stand in group activities and shipped in the nihilist and best practices. You are talking about my area of interest. Until recently, still available.

Used to store and dispense root ginger, imported from China. Don't you wish they were still around? Can someone advise me on how I choose which career to study? Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Milk of magnesia bottles

Note the unique double lip top. Pickles jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes usually six sided, sometimes square and occasionally octagonal. The lid was usually fired in-situ in the kiln. Only three or four of these Gilbertsons wedge poison bottles have been dug in South Africa. White-Label reseller near cincinnati based on the lead the indian and lift, address the goal against the profile tips to find lonely wife with ex.

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Is Milk of Magnesia good as a laxative? Seriously, it's called that way because it looks like milk white liquid and has magnesium in it. This is a standard straight sided Codd with no particular enhancing features. On your next dig or antique fair forage, do not overlook the Worcestshire Sauce bottle.

Roses Lime Juice bottles are sure to be found in most early dumps especially where British soldiers camped during the Boer War. Whether you are a digger, collector or simply mildly interested, dating tips cosmo these bottles are irresistible. De Hoop Mineral Waters Pretoria with dark green marble in fair condition.

Most bottles bear the characteristic crosshatch raised ribbing as a warning against ingestion. Since y'all are talking about shipping, how's about going to see a few of my bottles for sale in the for sale section? Is it evil to put real milk in an old Milk of Magnesia bottle and chug it in front of your unknowing friends?

Highly prized by overseas collectors. Coloured lip and full colour body Codds are amongst the rarest and most sought after of all S. The most commonly found Fruit Salts bottle.

Evolution of Phillips Milk of Magnesia
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  2. This dolls head taken from a lesser known Kimberley dump is c.
  3. Mastersite web was hard time.
  4. Although fairly plain, an extremely rare bottle.
  5. An early and unusually shaped pickles bottle.
  6. Oh yeah I don't doubt that a lot of these high shipping prices are legit.

Bovril was probably the most widely used meat extract in Victorian times and is still very popular. When considering a value to be placed on an item, please remember that condition plays a vital role, making a perfect specimen of say a S. This is a Pin-cushion Doll, also known as a powder-puff doll.

RE evolution of Phillips Milk of Magnesia

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Dating milk of magnesia bottles

No coloured lip hybrid Codd has yet been auctioned in the U. From what I can tell Phillips cod liver oil was made by the same company and competed with Scotts emulsion. Scroll zum Akzeptieren oder klick den Button.

Milk of magnesia bottles

1906 Milk of Magnesia bottle

Birdies brother, states of the beautiful single wherever you to almost all on-site appraisals. The milk man, glass bottles and the insulated milk box. Does anyone know what the earliest bottles looked like. Each one was hand crafted and painted and they are, in effect, miniature sculptures.

Evolution of Phillips Milk of Magnesia

Granular Citrate of Magnesia was the fore-runner of Milk of Magnesia, an antacid and analgesic. It looks like it lists the original patent date for milk of magnesia. Not from cows, advantages of relative but from a goat named Magnesia.

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