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Adam wins Sarah's admiration by challenging Nick. Towards the end of the evening, Harry leans in for a kiss, however, Liz reluctantly rejects his advances, thinking of Vernon and not wanting to be disloyal to her husband. The doctor told them that the only possible explanation was that Alex had been mixed up with another baby after being born. Recruitment consultant Jack returns for a second first date at the restaurant, this time with hairdresser Shauna. Locksmith Roberto is proud of his Italian roots, dating sites williston nd but will his poor knowledge of European countries harm his chances with Croatian-born nanny Aleksandra?

Steve admits his financial concerns to Tracy. Over the next few weeks Tim and Sally continued to support Abi, mauritius stuttgart speed dating and Tim once again offered her a job at Street Cars - this time as a valet. Imran maintains his innocence under police interrogation. And hairdresser Bonnie hopes semi-pro boxer Perry can show her his more sensitive side. Gemma packs her bags to go and live with her mum.

  1. Wendy told Alex's biological mother Michelle Connor Kym Marsh that she and her husband Nick Robert Horwell had divorced over the row about Alex not being their biological son.
  2. He would be followed by Wendy Diaz.
  3. Peter insists that Carla needs protecting from herself.
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Will estate agent John give Sarah, who's deaf, the butterflies in the stomach she's hoping for? Gary fights for his life against a vengeful Rick. They tumbled on to the road and Alex was hit by car. At first Hayley told Christian that she was his aunt but Roy insisted that she tell him the truth, which she eventually did. He meets ballroom dancing enthusiast Cecelia.

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It's my time to dominate this game and win it. Nick's arrest puts Leanne's faith in him to the test. Janice returns alone in March and Roger returns two months later. Nick uses Leanne's birthday to win over his family.

Wayne's questions fuel the speculation surrounding Carla. Carla panics at the thought that her business could be scuppered and does not call an ambulance. Can weightlifter Lucy strike gold with Caroline? Sparks fly between dancers Frankie and Muhala. Meanwhile, Fred lets Cici off work early to go on a date of her own.

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Will charming pilot Paul hit it off with gorgeous mum Maria? Mum and daughter Maria and Charlotte visit the restaurant for the mother of all double dates. Maria is shocked by the responses to her dating profile. Peter suspects Carla of withholding the truth.

Later, Abi was shocked to find that Seb had blown his second chance with Gary after he attempted to have sex with Gary's partner Sarah Platt. Redirected from Ali Neeson. Share your thoughts with other customers. Abi later told Mel in hospital that she needed eye surgery as she had a detached retina. After this, Liz continues to play around with Derek and eventually sleeps with him for the first time after he books a hotel room for them both.

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Model Rochelle's looking for love that's more than skin-deep. She's survived four bouts of cancer and believes time is precious. Robert forces Carla to come clean during Rana's memorial. Coronation Street characters.

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Harry's interference in Dan's love life continues when he ruins Dan's chances of bedding factory machinist Kelly Crabtree Tupele Dorgu. Dan tells him of his debt and that he is serious about recovering it. Model Georgia hits it off with hunky banker Alex. Some new release movies become unavailable for downloading for a limited time due to licensing restrictions. Ivor first appeared at the funeral of his ex-wife Angela Hawthorne Diane Fletcher.

Fresh singletons visit the restaurant and favourite First Dates daters return for a special festive episode celebrating Fred and his team's successes, engagements and the first First Dates baby! It was announced in September that Roger would be leaving the show the following month. Amy is forced to give a statement regarding Tyler's offence. After some flirting, Harry invites Liz to the opening of the new bookies when her husband Vernon Ian Reddington leaves for a few weeks for a concert on a cruise ship.

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Tyrone follows Evelyn to discover her secret. Will Harry Potter fans Claudia and Jack have a magical date? Family Sisters Violet Wilson.

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Mel called an ambulance and told Jerry about the situation, in shock, dating Abi was safely transported to hospital. He has a bit of a rough edge to him and operates on just the right side of the law. Amy turns to Bethany for support. Gary sweats when Sharon turns up asking questions about Rick. When Dan recovers he lies to the police about the nature of his injuries and Steve is arrested.

Ken refuses to haul Peter out of rehab to be at Carla's side. Peter attempted to make things up to Simon, but was told bluntly that the only way he could put things right was to break things off with Abi. And can karaoke crooner David help Jenni overcome her dating nerves by serenading her at the table? The dating hopefuls in this episode include a builder who's finally ready for a concrete relationship, a naked bike rider, a pair of gamers, and a man who's been married five times. Bethany voices her disapproval of Sarah dating Adam.

Can year-old Italian restaurant owner Giovanni give Fred a run for his money on the charm front? With three ex-wives and members of the criminal fraternity on the look-out for him, he needs to be sure that he hides those funds in a secure place. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Among the first on the scene, Abi entered the building after learning from Gina that Sally had been on the roof when the collapse occurred. Audrey reports the theft of her money to the police. And when stunning Sasha is stood up, waiter Sam comes to the rescue. However, the truth behind Kasia's death remains a secret.

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He meets bubbly phlebotomist Tracey. Carla's continued decline distresses Peter and Michelle. After voting out his ally Angie, Malcolm and Denise worked together and ably pitted the remnants of the former Kalabaw and Tandang tribes against one another. The following morning, Dan is discovered clutching his chest in pain. Tattooed yoga lover Jack, vibrant year-old fashion stylist Christine, Stetson-wearing Simon from Dallas and performance artist and poet Justin are among the diners looking for love in this episode.

  • Thomas leaked to the opposing tribe of who the target was, which led to Malcolm being blindsided by Mana's idol play.
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  • Unable to cope with the guilt, Tracy confessed to Abi that she was the one who sabotaged Michelle's car.
  • After some persuasion from Rita, Norris later retracts his proposal but Doreen declines George and Ivor's proposals too, stating that she has changed her mind about getting married.

The slog of prison life leaves Sally beaten. Although, Tracy informed him that she knew he was behind the break in at the shop and threatened that she would report him too if he didn't stay quiet. Rita returns to her flat and is injured as a result of the tram crash. Malcolm contributed to the Reward Challenge win and received a warm reception from his new tribe.

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Gary receives a wad of money from one of Rick's customers. This section of a biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Mandy and her ex-husband Stuart visit the restaurant together for dates with globetrotting Adam and divorcee Claire.

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Kate ploughs ahead with wedding planning. Comedian Vince, who usually only gets a Valentine's card from his mum, meets Brigette Bardot lookalike Anna. Clancy made it to the final runway show with fellow contestant Lianna Fowler, eventually becoming the runner up. Abi later relocated to Stretford and Mel soon followed. Nick receives news that fuels Toyah's suspicions.

Meanwhile, in a First Dates first, a mum and her son, Jane and Bobby, visit the restaurant together, each looking for love. She makes clear to him that whilst he hurt Hayley, she would not want anyone to hurt him back. Fred's dad visits the restaurant. Georgia returns for a date with Alex, who she flirted with in the previous episode.

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