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40 Torx Head Driver Jeep

This product fits vehicle variants. Whether you're living there or just visiting, you can pick up your order or have it shipped to you.

Carefully make sure that falls back into place on all the ledges and the holes for the six Torx Head screws line up to be secured inside. Using your T Torx Head driver, secure all six Torx Head screws back into the top of the trunk space on the Wrangler. Using your T Torx Head driver, place the Torx Head screws back into place above the driver and passenger side doors to completely secure your hard top. Turn all three L-shaped locks overhead to the open position. Starting on the driver's side, amd athlon x2 5600 drivers unscrew the rear fastener knob overhead located on the speaker bar assembly.

Exterior Appearance Full Diagram. There are three on each side. Reconnect the rear windshield washer hose back to the top.

Remove the hard top on Jeep Wrangler

You can pay for your order in a store or even use an international credit card. Jack Stowage Full Diagram. Liftgate Panel Attaching Parts. With the help of a friend, walk the hard top back onto the Wrangler.

jeep wrangler torx screws

Your cart will be set to In-Store Pickup By adding this item to your cart, the shipping option will not be available for your order. On the passenger side, secure the Rear Fastener Knob back onto the speaker bar assembly. Now it's easier than ever to shop at Sears in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Place the screws somewhere safe. Engine Mounting Full Diagram.

Camshaft and Valve Full Diagram. Sliding Door, Shell and Hinges.

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Disconnect the rear windshield washer hose by pulling it away from the top. Unclip the sun visor and move it to the side. Lift up on the header latch above the windshield frame to free the Freedom Panel from the roof.

40 torx head driver jeep

Door - Sliding Driver Side. On the driver side, secure the Rear Fastener Knob back onto the speaker bar assembly. This Fits Your Jeep Liberty. Exhaust System Full Diagram.

Radiator and Related Parts Full Diagram. Lift up on each side of the hardtop and walk it towards the rear of the Wrangler.

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